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Task Automation

Harnessing the power of automation, we at Datavative streamline critical legal processes to enhance efficiency and ensure compliance. Our task automation solutions are designed to facilitate every stage of the legal journey, from intake to settlement.

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Automated Intake Process

Digital Lead and Retainer Management In today’s digital age, fielding inbound calls is just one piece of the lead acquisition puzzle. Many leads now originate from digital platforms, necessitating a systematic follow-up process. Our process can optimize these interactions, ensuring they are consistent with litigation strategies and state compliance regulations.

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Pre-Litigation Client Engagement

Streamlined Information Gathering Client follow-ups for missing information are vital but can often be inconsistent. We implement automated workflows to establish a standardized communication journey, guaranteeing persistent and uniform client interactions to gather the required details effectively.

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Medical Record Follow-Up

Ensuring Timely Record Receipt After requesting medical records or police reports, it is crucial to track and follow up on their delivery. Our automated reminders and tracking systems ensure that the records are monitored and delivered to your firm in a timely manner, allowing for prompt receipt and review.

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Litigation Process Automation

Synchronized Task Management The complexity of litigation with concurrent processes requires precise coordination. Automating tasks based on data input allows for efficient case assignment and review, eliminating the need for manual report generation and ensuring staff focus on the necessary work without oversight lapses.

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Settlement Coordination

Mass Tort Settlement Simplification The settlement phase in mass torts can be overwhelming. Our task automation solutions bring order to chaos, ensuring all cases are managed consistently and no details are overlooked. From opt-in processes, client information updates, document signatures, to medical record requests and addressing deficiencies, automation is the key to a seamless settlement process.

Our task automation solutions are built to provide your firm with the technological leverage needed to handle complex legal tasks with ease and precision, allowing you to focus on what you do best – practicing law.