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Data Extraction

Utilizing advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, we specialize in the efficient extraction of essential data throughout various legal stages. From Pre-Litigation to Settlement, our services play a pivotal role in converting extensive text into actionable insights, driving your firm towards streamlined case management and cost-effective operations.

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Pre-Litigation Medical Record Review

The pre-litigation phase often involves the challenging task of reviewing vast amounts of medical records. Our process solutions are equipped to extract relevant information from these documents with precision, ensuring accurate and efficient data capture. It simplifies this process by automatically integrating data from treatment and billing records into your case management system, leading to significant cost savings.

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PFS Data Extraction

During litigation, deciphering handwritten Personal Financial Statements (PFS) can be both time-consuming and prone to errors. Our sophisticated automation process addresses this by translating complex handwriting into structured data efficiently. This results in substantial time savings and accurate interpretation of client information.

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Medical Records in Settlements

In mass tort settlements, presenting a multitude of medical records to substantiate a client's claim is often a complex task. Our services excel again by offering a powerful system that extracts and converts medical documentation into searchable data files. This minimizes labor-intensive tasks and enhances the effectiveness of every piece of evidence.

At Datavative, we are committed to more than just data extraction; we are dedicated to empowering your firm with precise and efficient legal data management solutions. Join us in redefining the future of legal data management.