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At Datavative, we understand the breakdown in process and reporting when systems don’t talk to each other—it's about creating seamless connections that empower your firm. With our advanced Integration services, we will connect your various applications of siloed data and unlock a new level of efficiency and accuracy. Let's explore how Datavative can revolutionize your intake, pre-litigation, litigation, and settlement processes.

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Automated Lead Management

When working with outsourced marketing companies, the influx of leads can be overwhelming, especially during early mass torts campaigns. The manual entry of leads into your case management system is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors.

Without an efficient system, valuable leads slip through the cracks, and the feedback loop necessary for refining marketing campaigns becomes non-existent, leading to underperforming campaigns.

Datavative's Intake Integration service automates the lead entry process, ensuring no lead is missed and errors are minimized. We establish a robust feedback loop with your marketing partners, allowing for real-time campaign tuning and optimal conversion rates.

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Streamlined Lead Attribution

Referral relationships are vital for plaintiff attorneys, yet managing and tracking these leads can be a logistical nightmare, often resulting in lost opportunities and misattributed sources.

In a high-stakes environment where firms often rely on borrowed capital, the pressure to deliver precise marketing performance reports to lenders is immense.

Our expertise lies in creating specialized API connections that optimize the flow of leads from referral firms. This ensures accurate lead attribution, prompt acknowledgment, and continuous updates throughout the sign-up process. This not only secures your referral sources but also ensures compliance with financial reporting requirements.

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Optimized Medical Record Management

The manual transfer of medical records into various systems is a significant time drain for paralegals, hampering your firm's ability to respond swiftly to client needs.

This bottleneck not only slows down case progress but also leads to inefficiencies in billing and task management, ultimately affecting your firm's bottom line.

Our service offers a streamlined solution for ordering and delivering medical records, allowing your staff to monitor the progress in real time, trigger subsequent tasks upon record receipt, and seamlessly integrate billing information into your accounting systems. This ensures a more efficient and convenient process for your team.

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Blazingly Fast Litigation Servicing

Serving lawsuits and filing them with the court is an essential yet administratively burdensome task that can consume your staff's valuable time.

Managing this process without integration leads to an administrative quagmire, reducing the time your team can spend on more strategic litigation activities.

Datavative can connect you with a nationwide network of process servers, significantly reducing the administrative workload and ensuring timely and accurate filing with court systems.

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Accelerated Settlement Processing

At the settlement stage, acquiring additional medical records to update a client's health information can be a slow and laboring process.

Delays in obtaining these records can significantly prolong the settlement process, affecting client satisfaction and delaying the resolution of cases.

Datavative's process solutions will expedite the ordering of medical records, ensuring a swift and efficient update to your client's health information, which is critical for a timely settlement.

With Datavative's Integration services, your firm will not just keep pace but set the pace. Transform your practice with integrations that mean business.