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Document Creation

Datavative's Document Creation service is the key to managing your firm's diverse and complex legal document needs. In a world where one size does not fit all, especially with retainer agreements, we provide you with the precision and customization necessary to handle any scenario.

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Enhanced Retainer Customization

Standard retainer agreements simply do not cover the unique complexities of every legal case. Whether it's co-counsel variations, representing minors, or managing different fee splits, each scenario demands a tailored approach.

Managing upwards of 50 different templates for a firm involved in multiple litigations can be overwhelming, increasing the risk of errors and inefficiencies that can compromise client agreements and your firm's credibility.

Datavative's Document Creation employs an advanced form assembly program that intelligently combines necessary sections based on the data provided. This technology ensures that every retainer agreement is customized to fit the precise requirements of each case, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Our service provides a comprehensive solution to the cumbersome task of creating semi-custom retainers. Embrace the efficiency of Datavative's Document Creation service and ensure every agreement is as unique as your clients' cases.