Tim Hollannd

Tim Holland

Director of Program Management

Tim Holland is a seasoned Project Management Professional (PMP) with extensive experience in orchestrating digital transformations, building and leading cross-functional teams, and driving execution excellence in global settings.

As the Director of Program Management at Datavative, Tim's role is to nurture an agile project environment and foster a culture of continuous improvement across the organization. Tim believes in leveraging data to inform strategy and drive decisions, which has been instrumental in his success across various sectors, including tech, retail, and nonprofit domains. He also holds a master's degree in Operations Management from the University of Arkansas and loves a good spreadsheet.

Tim lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas, with his wife and two young children. Outside of his professional life, he is passionate about personal growth and hobbies that challenge the mind and allow him to spend more time with his family. He enjoys baking and building Lego with his kids and is a NASA history buff who constructs and launches model rockets. Tim is also a polyglot, speaking French, Spanish, American Sign Language, and some Italian, German, and Norwegian.