John Young

John Young

Director of Analytics

John Young has a decade of dedicated experience in the world of business intelligence. A recognized subject matter expert in Domo, John's expertise spans across data and report creation, with a particular knack for elevating business intelligence processes.

Throughout his career, John’s love for delving deep into issues and unwavering commitment to problem-solving have made him a pivotal asset in navigating complex business environments. John stands at the forefront of the industry as a Director of Analytics at Datavative.

Beyond the numbers and charts, John is an avid board game enthusiast and a creative writer. His passion for problem-solving doesn't just end at work; it extends into every strategic move on the board game table and every story he crafts.

As a lifelong learner and dedicated leader, John continues to inspire and innovate in the ever-evolving field of analytics, proving that data isn't just about figures—it's about creating narratives and solving puzzles that move businesses forward.